how to find a programmer for your startup

While the portfolio doesn’t predict programmers’ potential in building new and completely different products, it gives you a simple benchmark for the relevance of their expertise to your idea. We start our process by gathering requirements for your project. We need to know the project details, team size, required staff, job description, and a preferred workflow to build an effective team that suits your business needs. Linkedln is the largest platform helping to connect professionals from different parts of the world. Here you can search for both a company and an individual freelancer.

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In this entry, we’re sharing our best trade secrets in finding and hiring developers. With so many things to take care of, you might feel like you are doing everything yourself. One of the most important decisions for a startup is hiring programmers to build your app for you. Anastasiya Marchuk is a former Business Development Manager at Uptech. She specializes in connecting tech startups with skilled teams for successful product development. A good IT consulting firm should be able to handle this ably, quickly switching out developer resources should you need a different staffer.

how to find a programmer for your startup

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how to find a programmer for your startup

You will pay for their services depending on their seniority level, engagement in the project, and personal preferences. There are no recruitment and retention options but you can find some investment opportunities. Among the main disadvantages are rather high service costs and programmers’ fees compared to other platforms. It will take more time to gather a team of developers as you need to hire each programmer separately.

Where to Find App Developers?

You should dedicate a big part of your time to sourcing and recruiting candidates, whether in online platforms or coding events. This isn’t just a question of the technical aspects, but also the mission and the values behind it. Millennials in particular are looking to join organizations with a company culture they can believe in. So, let’s delve into how you can find and hire the right developers to help your startup succeed. The success sagas of companies like Automattic, Slack, and WordPress underscore the importance of syncing with the right tech talent, sourced globally.

Highly competitive market is a reason for the highest developer rates in the world and the biggest talent shortages. Task us with analyzing your skill gaps and recruiting top tech candidates worldwide. If you see that you cannot cover all these aspects at your current stage, don’t hesitate to delegate it to HR and outstaffing companies, or hire professional recruiters. Look for specialists that are already used to the remote lifestyle. Digital nomads and engineers who have worked in autonomous environments are your primary target. If you don’t want to get lost in this hiring melting pot, make sure your job description really describes what you’re looking for.

  1. Needless to say that passion is essential when working on any project.
  2. If the partnership doesn’t work out, it’s best if you know it sooner.
  3. You can combine them into «management hacks packages» and apply them to an overall company strategy.
  4. These best practices help you find programmers, but what steps should you actually follow when you need to hire a programmer?

You can repeat the process in Facebook and Twitter by asking publicly for people who are software developers and are interested in working on a project. A tweet at your social network may not seem like a great hiring strategy, but it worked for Uber. If you are thinking of starting a tech company but lack the tech skills to help you bring your idea to life, then you need to find a software developer. And even if you already have a technical cofounder and all you need is a new software developer to take your MVP to the next level, you also need to know how to recruit one.

Hiring developers for a startup doesn’t mean taking on more debt. The first step you should take when finding developers for your startup is to be clear about what your project is about. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, start by introducing them to your company’s culture, values, and mission. Provide a clear understanding of your product or service, target audience, and competitors. Another example might be a game that simulates a typical workday. For instance, a coding test could be presented as a game where the candidate has to solve coding puzzles and challenges within a set time frame.

His advice has been featured in Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs, KISSmetrics, among others. Taking these attributes into consideration, there’s a lot you can search for. What’s important, however, isn’t to find a software developer that carries all of these attributes, but to cultivate them from the moment they work with you.

Hiring the right developer for your startup can be tough, and Dice provides the ideal employer solutions to simplify the entire process. If you’re looking for people to attend the office, this isn’t the solution for you. DistantJob is a remote IT recruitment agency dedicated to helping companies of all sizes find senior software engineers that align with your needs.

You should check if your profiles on social media platforms and reviews from the existing team members on the job boards look attractive. It is hard to imagine how to scale a tech team in the 21st century without entering online platforms where tech professionals crowd. Serf through the websites like LinkedIn and tech-specific job boards. Writing a job description that resonates with top programming talent is not so tricky if you have followed the 3 previous steps.